The work is developed on this topic aims to contribute to reduce the cost of the photovoltaic kW/h by using:

  • the reduction of the cost of existing PV technologies by adapting new manufacturing processes (dry texturization, electrodeposition ...) to industrial development,
  • the adaptation of cells and materials for an application under solar concentration.

The M@CSEE team is collaborating for many years through CIFRE contracts and PhD thesis with cell manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. The research topics have in common the will to contribute to the development of industrial processes for the manufacture of silicon photovoltaic cells, in particular for an application under low-concentration solar flux (20x).

1. Solar cells based on multicrystalline silicon

Over the last few years, we have participated in several projects with the following objectives:

  • the development of an industrial process for boron doping of multi-crystalline silicon,

  • the development of a new process for dry texturing of cells,
  • the development of front contacts by electrodeposition.

The developed skills in this topic are related to the modeling of industrial processes, the fine characterization and associated modeling of electrical contacts, the modeling of electrical transport in crystalline, microcrystalline and amorphous semiconductors.

Funding: SATT AxLR, FUI Presinol.

Industrial Partners: SEMCO Engineering, éMa, Photowatt (EDF).

Academic Partners: Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon (INL), PROMES


 2. Solar cells based on nano-crystalline silicon (nc-Si)

 The work carried out in this field concerns :

  • the fabrication of micro/nanocrystalline silicon thin films (by PECVD and ink printing):


  • the modeling the PECVD growth of micro/nanocrystalline silicon:


  • the characterization and modeling of electrical transport in nanocrystalline materials:

Funding: ANR Inxilicium (ANR-08-HBI-0021), CNRS Liban (PhD funding)

Industrial Partners: Impika

Academic Partners: Institut CharlesGerhardt Mmontpellier (ICGM), CMP - Mines Saint Etienne, IRDEP